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Meet the stockists | Deborah & Lola from Alluring Boutique

21 Feb, 2018

Meet the stockists | Deborah & Lola from Alluring Boutique

Deborah opened the doors of Alluring Boutique last August and since then has proudly brought a new shopping concept to the lucky ladies of Elgin, Moray in north east Scotland.  Find out more about our latest boutique owner.. 

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

I was never sure exactly what I wanted to be and used to be quite hard on myself as I didn’t have that direction compared to some others I knew. I always envious of them. I’ve since learned not to be too hard on yourself. Things always work out in the end. Just don’t give up and most importantly, believe in yourself!

What makes you happy?

Being with my husband, children and our much loved dog, Lola

What does your typical weekend consist of?

Work usually on a Saturday and spending time with my family at the beach walking our dog. Then it’s usually wine come Saturday night (love a wine)!

How did you get into fashion?

I’ve always been interested in fashion. I didn’t think I was any different from anyone else but always got complimented on my outfits. My dad passed away from cancer quickly after diagnosis and my whole perspective on life changed. I wanted to do something I was passionate about so plucked up the courage and decided to open my own boutique. So glad I did! I’ve never looked back. 

What does ‘being comfortable’ mean to you?

Being comfortable equates to contentment for me which in turn means spending time with my hubby, children and dog, Lola baby.

What would your ideal shoe look like? And where would you wear it?

Oooh, years ago I would’ve said the most gorgeous of high heels but these days have gone so its most likely a wedge sandal. I’m particularly looking forward to wearing a red wedge espadrille this year from Air and Grace. That’s potentially my ideal shoe! I’ll keep you informed! You’d find me wearing them at all occasions in any part of the world! (okay, maybe not dog walking on the beach)!

What makes Alluring Boutique brilliant?

We are passionate about what we do and I hope that reflects on to our customers. We have brought a new concept to Elgin where we live and the area beyond. I’ve done lots of research prior to opening and been selective with my brands I’ve chosen. 

If you weren’t running Alluring Boutique what would you like to have done with your career? 

I may be staying at home with my kids, being a mum to them. That can’t last forever though so possibly a wannabe makeup artist but still having my own business incorporating that.

What’s your favourite Air & Grace style?

Right now it’s the Copeland which are never off my feet,. Come summer time I’m positive I’ll be saying it’s that wedge shoe!

Deborah's picks

White Navy Copeland Sneaker