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Meet the stockist: Hannah from Maze, Bristol

19 Feb, 2019

Meet the stockist | Hannah from Maze

Founded in 1985, Maze is a family-run business with stores in Bristol and Bath. They source and carefully edit a selection of men's and women's fashion from over fifty of the finest international collections. 

We chatted to the lovely Hannah, to find out a little more about their amazing brand. 

What did you want to be when you were little?

I’ve always loved playing shop. When I was little, my dad would come home from a long day at work and the first thing I’d make him do was set up a fruit and veg stall with me. It’s lucky he loves retail too! Now history is repeating itself and I seem to spend a lot of time playing shop with my eldest daughter. It must be in the blood.

What makes you happy?

Other than playing shop… A thoughtfully curated space and the discovery of beautiful new things. 

What does your typical weekend consist of?

With a young family, my weekends are spent playing dress-up, baking cakes for dollies’ tea parties and doing all the fun things that kids love while juggling email and online orders! If I’m lucky, I might sneak in a run too. 

How did you get into fashion?

My parents opened the first Maze store when I was 5 years old and the fashion industry has been part of my life ever since. I have very strong memories of being at the shop, roller skating through it and playing in the boxes. It was home from home and still is. That’s not to say I planned to follow in their footsteps. After school I headed to London to study history of art and I followed that path for a long time, but after a stint working for an auction house and almost a decade in the publications department of the Whitechapel Gallery, I decided to come and work in the family business. My parents had started discussing their future retirement and I realised that I couldn’t imagine Maze not being there. I don’t have any siblings so if I want the business to survive, I have to carry it forward.

What makes Maze brilliant?

We have a very definite sense of style and we know what will work for our customers. We promote quietly confident clothes; laid back fashion that’s easy to wear, at a variety of price points. 

The business is an extension of our personal style and this feeds into every decision we make from the way we fit out the shops to how we edit the collections and present the clothes. We value the personal touch and I think this makes the shopping experience special. 

If you weren’t running Maze what would you like to have done with your career? What would be your Plan B?

I would have stayed in the art-world or made a move towards interior design. I take great pleasure from making   things look beautiful so any job that involves an element of display would work for me. 

What does ‘being comfortable’ mean to you?

Being comfortable means feeling confident and at ease in what you wear. You shouldn’t feel as if the clothes are wearing you. 

What would your ideal shoe look like? And where would you wear it?

It has to be a low top. Something that can be worn with a dress or jeans and that will allow me to run around after my girls!

What’s your favourite Air & Grace style?

The Cru White Star Trainers do it for me. They go with everything.

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