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Meet the stockist | Jeremy from Javelin

14 Aug, 2018

Meet the stockist | Jeremy from Javelin

Jeremy is the owner of Javelin. Originally a sports retailer, they have evolved and developed with fashion trends, new brands and customer needs. We're super excited that they have chosen to stock Air & Grace in their Bury St Edmunds store! We caught up with Jeremy to find out a bit more about Javelin...

What makes you happy?

At Javelin I want everyone to feel part of a special team who are appreciated for the role they play whatever that is. A thriving company has happy staff at its core. Family values are at the core of my personal and business life and I am happy about that.


How did you get into fashion?

I have always had an eye for fashion. Even as a young teenager I would trawl fashion stores like Chelsea Man (now River Island) searching for the latest looks. When Javelin was opened as a sports store in 1989 we were focused on the winter sports and surfing trends. Around the mid 1990s we evolved quite rapidly into a fashion store and experienced phenomenal growth as a result.

What makes Javelin brilliant?

It would have to be someone other than me to use that word! However Javelin’s core appeal is that it never stops evolving or surprising its customers. We have managed to retain many since the early days and so they must be enjoying the journey with us! The other main strength of Javelin is our people, many of whom have stayed with us for 10 years or more. We get many, many comments from customers who have appreciated our customer service. Its something that we ne never tire of trying to improve.


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