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Sharing the shoe love with.... @shedreamsofgucci

27 Feb, 2018

Sharing the shoe love with.... @shedreamsofgucci

Natalia, also known as @shedreamsofgucci calls herself ‘a Gucci stalker on a Zara budget’ and also happens to love our shoes. We’re alright with that! Find out a bit more about her and her love of shoes below….

What does your typical day look like?

I get up about 6.45, shout for an hour to get the boys up and out, frantically dress and do make up and hair (latter if I have time), do the school run, meet my girlfriends for a coffee or three most mornings on the way home, come home, tidy up, wash, cook, clean, shop, walk the dog (an ageing Westie) and invariably knuckle down to some work at some point (accounts for our family business). Attend fixtures if they are on (they are - A LOT) and ferry children around. All whilst checking Instagram far too often, online shopping (it's research!!) and the occasional box set binge. Bluewater or London days are sometimes thrown into the mix, but not as often as I would like! 

What was your first ever job?

My first EVER job, strictly speaking, was as a checkout girl at Kwiksave (remember that?!) when I was 14. I told a big fib about my age to get it because I was desperate to earn my own money but only lasted three Saturdays until they asked me for my non-existent NI number! A series of weekend jobs ensued while I worked my way through education, all at Gatwick Airport, and then after I graduated my first 'proper' job was for Barclays working in their Sales Finance division. 

What's the one thing you would now say to your 25 year old self? 

You're not fat!! Chill out, stop obsessing and make the most of life! You'll never look like this again!


If you weren't doing what you're doing now, what would you be doing? 

I'd be a barrister. I was supposed to go to King's College to study Law but cocked it all up because I was too naughty. 

What's your ideal weekend?

 It would start with a lie-in, I'm hideously lazy by nature, woken with coffee (my 9yo makes the best latte!) and then a day with my family and dog, maybe a lovely walk somewhere beautiful and open (I'm not one for crowds) the boys of course would be perfectly behaved (this is fantasy remember), a nice lunch somewhere and then home for a movie night on the sofa with a large G&T. I would need to be wearing amazing shoes at some point during the day of course. 

What would be your ideal plan B career choice?

 I'd be a singing shoe designer.

What's your favourite A&G style?

I am very excited about the new Cru but loved my Shimmies last summer - they were so comfortable and went with EVERYTHING. 

What's your favourite EVER pair of shoes?

 Oooh, that's a hard one, there have been many. I think I would have to say a pair of pink cowboy boots that I bought in Office about 20 years ago! I've only just got rid of them and am now gutted to see that cowboy boots are making a come back!  More recently it would have to be my Gucci Marmonts - in gold. They are like Cinderella shoes for Grannies. 

Does being 'comfortable' mean you have to compromise?  Can you be comfortable and stylish at the same time?

 Comfort is critical when I dress. Style is an attitude and a confidence and fashion is a passing fad (often involving discomfort!). I will not be confident unless I am comfortable and as confidence and style are synonymous, comfort is key! Style is all about self expression and rocking a look that YOU love, owning it.

Natalia's picks

Both shoes featured in this blog are now sold out.. so here are the Cru Sneakers that Natalia is currently lusting after!

Cru Dot Sneaker

Cru Leopard Sneaker

Cru Star Sneaker