All Things Vintage

What does 'Vintage' mean, and why should you love them?

Did you know 'Cru' translates to 'Vintage' in French?

Our Vintage styles are a firm favourite at Air & Grace. We’re proud to have 9 different styles to choose from across trainers and high tops, and more on their way too.

Find out how we achieve our signature look below.

Step 1

Once the shoes have been manufactured by our expert craftspeople, they are ready to begin the 'vintage-ing' process.

Step 2

A special creme is hand applied to each shoe, giving each pair a unique finish.

Step 3

The creme is then buffed in using a shoe finishing wheel, shoe by shoe, like this! The creme comes in dark or light so we can achieve the desired look depending on the colour of the shoe.

Step 4

This creates our signature vintage-look, giving your trainers that perfectly 'lived-in' look that we love.


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