Silver Lover or Golden Girl?

Which is your go-to? Gold, silver, or both?

How To Wear Gold

Typically gold goes with warm neutrals; beige, pinks and tans, but when it comes to styling it, we've found so many combinations work well it may as well be a neutral. We’ve chosen some of our favourite styling picks that we’d pair with gold.

Our Past and Present Fave Gold Moments

How To Wear Silver

Traditionally, silver is paired with cooler hues, we’re thinking blues, greens, blacks and greys. But over the years we've learnt to treat it as a neutral, styling it just how we like. Check out some of our favourite styling picks below.

Our Past and Present Fave Silver Moments

More Metallics!

If you can't tell from above, we love Gold and Silver and think both can be worn and loved simultaneously, or separately in their own right. Gold and Silver are a huge part of Air & Grace, as are our other metallics, we have Rainbow, Navy and Pink metallics too and there are always more on their way!


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