Introducing our Repurpose Collection

Introducing our Repurpose Collection

Love Not Landfill 

We always like to do things differently at Air and Grace. We like to make positive things. This year seems to need that more than most and throughout 2020 we’ve been working alongside our shoemakers in Portugal to find ways we can make that positive difference by minimising our waste materials.

Positive steps

It’s true that by its nature, creating a prototype sample of something as complicated as a shoe brings with it off-cuts and waste. With every new style we produce, there’s a minimum order of material that we can’t avoid buying. Until now, these beautiful, hand selected rolls of material have sat in an archive at our design studio, wishing to see the light of day, and in many cases, sadly that’s where they’ll stay. 

Which set us to thinking. And the idea of a very special mini run to use up our minimums was born. 



A mini-run to use the minimums

Our repurpose collection is a capsule range of our favourite styles of trainers, brought to life with the most loved fabrics we had in our archive. 

The result is a special edition collection of shoes to be cherished, which also helps keep our footprint on the planet, just that little bit lighter.

The range

We're talking animal prints, velvets, metallics and more. Each with our Tender Loving Air technology hidden inside for happy feet.

Every style in the capsule collection stays true to the Air & Grace core value of "sustainable by design". Responsibly made in Portugal, all of our shoes are a considered purchase designed to transcend fast fashion fads and to be cherished from season to season, made with exceptionally high quality materials. 

Doing Black Friday differently

We chose to launch this collection on 2020’s Black Friday. For us, The Repurpose Collection offers the perfect antidote to the discounting frenzy that comes at this time of year, and so often contributes to the throwaway nature of fast fashion. This is something that we’ve always stood against. It’s why we encourage people to "buy fewer, choose better". 

If we can encourage our customers to think twice about making a quick buy that’ll soon be heading for the back of the wardrobe, then we’ve done our bit to champion carefully curated purchases. Extra special items to love, not to landfill.





As our way of saying thank you we want to build on what we set out to do with our Repurpose Collection and turn your support into a long-lasting positive impact. So for every pair of shoes purchased from the collection, we're planting a tree in an urban woodland in the UK, through our friends @Treesforcities.

Trees that will go on to create healthier environments, help reduce air pollution in our cities and help fight the impact of Climate change.



 If you’ve missed the chance to grab a pair from this special edition collection, you can still be safe in the knowledge that all of our shoes are hand crafted by our small team of experts with care for the environment in mind.

We go the extra mile to mean Air & Grace shoes will always be to love, not landfill.  




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