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Shoe Care

At Air & Grace we use high quality leathers and materials for all our shoes to ensure you can enjoy them for a long time, but like all of us, shoes need a little care to keep them looking their best.


Trying On Your New Shoes:

We advise you to try on your shoes first thing in the morning, and in the evening. Our feet swell up during the course of the day so to ensure a proper fit, we suggest trying on shoes in the evening.  

Make sure you try both shoes on as most people have a slight variance from one foot to another. Be sure to stand up and walk (indoors on carpet!) to make sure they are comfortable. Your toes should not be touching the front of the shoe.  


Before your wear your shoes for the first time, we recommend using Collonil Carbon Pro water repellent spray to protect them. Collonil Carbon Pro is a high-performance spray-on waterproofer that gives your shoes long-lasting protection against any dirt or spills that may happen! Shop here.


If you get your shoes muddy – don’t panic! We recommend using Bamboo Lotion to clean them, which uses the natural cleaning and softening effect of Bamboo. 

It’s amazing stuff and has a lovely natural scent.. It almost makes cleaning your shoes a pleasure! It works on all leathers and suedes and will remove dirt and stains without discolouring. We also love that it’s propellant and solvent free. Just spray on shoes and leave for a few moments before wiping off with a soft damp cloth. Shop here.

Just a final word…. Never put your trainers in the washing machine.


All our leather shoes are made from high quality, natural leather as it is soft, comfortable and durable, as well as being kinder to the environment. As a natural material, even the most luxurious leathers can age with time and use, and therefore needs looked after. Slight variations in leathers are entirely normal for the type of natural, untreated leathers we use.

Calf Hair:

Calf hair leather does require a little more care than regular leather. We recommend avoiding regular contact with another material or any kind of repeated abrasion that can eventually cause the hair to wear away.  Even the continuous rubbing of the hem of denim jeans can lead to a bald cuff.  Loose dirt can be removed with a lightly damp cloth and left to dry naturally.  Use of a protective water repellent spray is also strongly recommended.


Suede material also requires a little extra care. 

Once sprayed with the Collonil Carbon Pro water repellent spray, you shouldn't have any trouble with spills or dirt. We don't recommend using brushes on our suede trainers to remove marks - particularly if they are printed suede. We recommend using Bamboo lotion to remove dirt and stains without discolouring.

We don't recommend using brushes on our suede to remove marks.


Disclaimer: Embellishments are attached as securely as possible, but need to be treated with a little extra love and care. Embellishments can detach from the shoe with wear.